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The Meteoric Rise of Valentino Infante

October 25, 2017
It certainly couldn’t have been easy to start over in 1995, when Valentino Infante moved here with his family from the Canary Islands at the age of nine. His parents were extremely hard-working business owners and they did everything they could to instill a strong work ethic in their two sons. When he was just a boy, Valentino’s parents assigned projects to him and his brother almost every weekend and throughout the summers. It was clear they bought into the concept that “idle minds are the devil’s workshop,” so they passed their drive onto Valentino and his brother.
Valentino Infante
His parents also instilled in Valentino Infante a strong sense of responsibility and, beyond all else, ambition. That is why it never been in his nature to settle for anything less than the best. In 2010, Valentino and his brothers established a call center in Coral Springs, Florida, where they sold telephone packages. They did so well, it attracted a lot of attention and led to major changes in Valentino Infante’s life. Some people in Memphis, Tennessee were impressed enough with Valentino’s work and his drive, they hired him and moved him to Memphis. The rest is history.